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SLG is an acclaimed luxury real estate media network committed to connect and help the affluent to celebritize and sell high-end properties through influencer marketing. By using the power of proven media, luxury brands, NFT & Crypto integrations, and influencer collaborations, SLG strives to bring major exposure and sale results.

With a major focus on properties above the $5 million price point, our team specializes in matching the client’s lifestyle with properties that reflect and cater to their personal needs. SLG’s ability to find the most luxurious homes is attributed to its team’s knowledge and commitment over the years.

Determined to revolutionize the luxury home industry beyond the borders of Miami, SLG created an unparalleled circle of high-level individuals that includes real estate agents, developers, architects, designers, and builders from all around the world. The SLG Network is dedicated to empowering each other by providing the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and grow together.

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